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Apr 10 2008

In praise of … Beyond Compare

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Everyone has their favorite utility programs, those trusty apps that we just can’t live without. For me perhaps at the top of the list is the outstanding file comparison program, Beyond Compare from Scooter Software. There are certain tools which are so well designed and implemented that using them becomes like second nature. Beyond Compare […]

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Mar 26 2008

Speaking of Digitizing

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I ran across a site which may be the one to address the need for online census records which I wrote about recently. It is and it uses a flash interface to view scanned documents. They’ve gone through the effort to photograph every name on the Vietnam memorial, and attach biographical information to each […]

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Jan 04 2008

Google, Digitize This

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Google has been working for some time to scan library books and make them available online. But I would rather have them spend their time on something else. Scan in all census records and marriage records from the 50 states. This would greatly aid genealogy research. The 1880 census is already online. With other censuses, […]

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Jan 01 2008

Credit Card Feeds

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RSS feeds are great for keeping up with breaking news. Would it be nice to use one to keep track of your expenses? Huh? What I envision is your credit card company provides you with a feed for activity on your card. Maybe the feed address would be something like The random string at […]

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