Jan 04 2008

Google, Digitize This

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Google has been working for some time to scan library books and make them available online. But I would rather have them spend their time on something else. Scan in all census records and marriage records from the 50 states. This would greatly aid genealogy research.

The 1880 census is already online. With other censuses, there are pay-services which can supply them. Why should anyone have to pay for it? Our taxes conducted the census-taking, it should be available to the public for free. I know they are available for free at certain libraries/locations, but this is the internet age. We want them free online. Besides the once-a-decade census, being able to get public records of marriages from every little courthouse in America would be great.

If there are privacy issues, then only scan in data from before 1900. That covers most of what family-tree researchers are looking for anyway. Thanks Google!

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