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Apr 24 2008

VB.Net: Word Search Generator

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Previously I wrote a long post explaining how I created an algorithm to generate Word Search puzzles. I used the wonderful perl scripting language, which is typically my language of choice for utility programs. Since that time I undertook the task of recreating the same logic in VB.Net. Here is my finished product. Reading through […]

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Feb 12 2008

Programming Sudoku

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I’ve been reading a copy of Programming Sudoku by Wei-Meng Lee. Wow – what a great book! First off, it contains a very clear explanation of creating an algorithm to solve Sudoku. Since I’m interested in creating puzzle solving algorithms, this is naturally something I want to read! I wish I could explain things as […]

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Dec 23 2007

perl: Word Search Generator

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Intro I enjoy doing puzzles, and find myself picking up these variety puzzle magazines to give myself something to do while sitting on the beach during vacation. And eventually I end up thinking about how they create these different types of puzzles, and wondering if I can come up with a way to create them […]

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